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Get Started.

Get Started.



Why Web3? 

BoomBox Marketplace allows musicians to list and sell their Music NFTs for free.

Our goal is to provide everything a musician will need to make money on Web3.

What are Music NFTs? 

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. Put simply, it’s a one-of-a-kind digital asset.

Music NFTs are digital copies of music. BoomBox is like a digital record store, and music NFTs are like digital records!

Buy & Sell Digital Audio. 

Whether you're a producer, recording artist, sound engineer, or narrator, BoomBox is where you'll want to sell your audio.

We're providing a home for ALL music NFTs.

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"Web3" is a term used alongside "decentralization" or "token-based economics". 

The decentralized nature of Web3 has a lot of benefits for musicians. 

Some of these include connecting artists and fans in gated communities, rewarding loyal fans via "airdrops", and cultivating a strong fan/artist relationship even if the fan wishes to stay anonymous.

There are many more use cases for Web3 / NFT technology we'll see come to fruition in the next several years.
BoomBox will always find the best way to make it work for musicians.

BoomBox Launchpad allows musicians to mint their Music NFTs for free.

This means from mint, to listing, to sale, BoomBox is free to use.

Gone are the days of artist's losing revenue every step of the way.

It's time to take back the industry.

No subscription model. No gated NFT collection. Just growing music's culture on Web3.



How easy is it to set up? 

Setting up a profile on BoomBox and minting your first music NFT is very simple.

1. Go to

2. Connect your twitter

3. upload files and metadata

4. mint!

BoomBox is a tool that artists will be able to utilize in multiple ways. We'll spend time listening to artists to make sure their requests and concerns are looked after.

We're musicians ourselves so it's important to us we make BoomBox as accessible and easy to use as possible.

What's the catch? 

There's no catch.

No, really.

We realize crypto is surrounded by speculation. We're making a clear-cut effort to remove speculation and showcase NFT technology and how it can benefit artists around the globe.

We think it's a revolutionary thing that anyone with access to the internet can now tokenize and sell audio, regardless of clout or status.

Where can I learn more? 

Connect with us on Twitter or Discord to learn more and get involved!

We've got some awesome workshops, events and more planned! Reach out to us on any official platform and let's get a conversation going!


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What is BoomBox?

BoomBox is a marketplace and launchpad for music NFTs, free to use with no upfront cost or subscription fees.

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Why should music be an NFT?

NFT stands for "non-fungible token" and is a one-of-a-kind digital asset where ownership is verified on the blockchain.

Music NFTs are digital copies of music or audio minted on-chain. BoomBox is like a digital record store, and music NFTs are like digital records. These can be singles, instrumentals, samples, and more. 

There's something extremely unique about knowing something is yours, especially when consuming art. Part of our mission is to help our users to take advantage of the growing list of tools available to assets on the blockchain. Turning your music into an NFT is the first step.

Why would someone sell a music NFT?

Blockchain technology is incredible for consuming digital assets and verifying fans' ownership of said assets. However, up until the introduction of NFT technology, it was impossible to prove the specific owner of a particular digital file.

Music NFTs allow artists to verify who their fans are and provide benefits accordingly.

Connecting through conversation, meet and greet/ticket benefits, merch etc. All of this is possible with NFT technology.

Why would someone buy a music NFT?

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How is BoomBox going to help artists?

We're redefining music ownership. Traditionally, people bought albums to view the artwork, read the lyrics, and consume the music. Music is an experience, and we believe that experience can translate digitally very well. The idea of buying music on-chain can be as simple as supporting your favourite artist, consuming the music, or buying a collectable for its artwork/content. It maximizes the potential for the artist/fan connections worldwide, which is an exciting future for something as intimate as artist/fan relationships.

First and foremost, Boombox will help artists help themselves. On Web2, there is currently no free-to-use, independent open marketplace that allows musicians to upload and sell their music at the price they choose. On top of that, having the infrastructure to bring music to the blockchain is essential. We are helping artists tokenize (verifiable asset on the blockchain) music and audio, in turn providing a new way for them to provide value to their fans. We are building everything on BoomBox with the artist in mind. On top of a music marketplace, we are also a marketplace for beats, samples, and vocals. BoomBox is a tool for musicians to do business with their fans.

Why is there a marketplace fee?

We are building BoomBox from scratch with zero funding from VCs or an NFT collection. However, we will need some income to keep this project alive. We're implementing a 2.5% marketplace fee on transactions to do this. We believe this is a good balance between staying out of artists' pockets and keeping the lights on.

Whats our goal?

We have 3 main goals. Make musicians money. Get musicians closer to their fans. Redefine music ownership.


Here's how we'll do it.


Build a tool for artists to distribute content on Web3. - Educate musicians on the benefits of verifiable ownership. - Revive a once thriving market and revenue source for musicians by making music desirable to purchase again. BoomBox's mission is to provide a genuine alternative to the current music distribution market monopoly. No more pay-to-win, no more 360 deals, no more gatekeeping. The future of music distribution is decentralized.

How does BoomBox compare to streaming revenue?

At the time of writing this, 1 SOL = approx $30USD

1 million streams gets you between $3000USD - $5000USD in revenue.

500 sales at 0.2 SOL ($6USD) = $3000USD

We feel like its safe to say it is more achieveable to build a fanbase of 500 loyal fans than to go "viral" and get 1 million streams. Although both are definitely in the cards.

Why Solana?

Ever used credits or in-game currency? Think of Solana as the in-game currency that BoomBox runs on. ​ Imagine if that in-game currency you bought was its own revolutionary technology with tons of different applications backed by a company that does not stop building. ​ Solana has very low transaction fees and incredibly high transaction speeds. Around $0.00025 per transaction. Low transaction fees are of enormous importance when considering music sales. 

For example, if a person wants to sell a song for $0.99, but the transaction fee is double that at $2.00, there's a massive disincentive for purchase right away, knowing the network is getting double what artists are getting. 

Solana has the potential to hit highs of 65,000 TPS at peak performance (Now, on average closer to 3000TPS) and a theoretical limit of 710,000 TPS. Even at 3000 TPS, Solana is insanely fast.

Our Team.

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