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Terms of Service

BoomBox Market Terms Of Service

While using BoomBox the user must own full copyright (unless otherwise negotiated between you and the copyright holder) of each and every piece of music you turn into an NFT and attempt to sell.


- Sell samples that you did not create/do not have the rights to profit off of. This includes samples purchased from other sample platforms and re-sold on BoomBox.

- Sell music of any kind that you do not own the rights to.

- Upload album artworks that contain gore, racism, pornographic imagery, or hateful materials.

The user must at all times remain within the confines of the license selected and added to the metadata by the creator. The details of these licenses are as follows

General Consumption


The creator is making copies of their master file available for general consumption. General Consumption means the purchaser can resell the single copy purchased as an NFT on the Solana Blockchain. The music file purchased cannot be reproduced, copied or re-distributed in any capacity. The purchaser is only allowed to sell the one copy piece that they bought and can only sell that piece on the Solana blockchain. The purchased composition can not be used commercially or for profit on any scale. (other than the sale of the single NFT purchased from the creator)

Non-Exclusive License

Non-Exclusive License means that the purchaser acknowledges that this music is to be used in their musical compositions only and cannot be copied, reproduced, sold, or made publicly available for any reason (other than the sale of the single NFT purchased from the creator). The purchaser acknowledges that the piece made available under the Non-Exclusive License can be licensed and sold by the creator to whomever they choose. The purchaser is entitled to collect 100% of commercially generated revenue from THEIR new composition created after purchase (if you record a song over a purchased instrumental). NELs do not give the purchaser the right to collect any money from the use of the original composition. (the original beat you bought under the Non-Exclusive License)

Exclusive License

Exclusive License means that this music is to be used in the buyer's musical compositions and cannot be copied, reproduced, sold, or made publicly available for any reason (other than the sale of the single NFT). The creator grants you the sole ability to use their composition for your music. The creator CANNOT sell this composition to be used by any other musician for their music. The creator STILL retains the right to sell this piece to be used commercially for reasons other than a vocal music composition (They can take the instrumental and license it to a company to use in an advertisement, and you, the purchaser, are NOT entitled to any form of compensation). The creator still holds full rights to the MASTER recording.

Master License

The creator makes their composition, along with all associated ownership rights, available for sale. Once purchased, the purchaser has free reign to do whatever they choose with this piece of music. It can be copied, reproduced, and re-sold in any capacity. The purchaser now holds the master rights to this production, meaning it is as if they (the purchaser) are the original creator of the piece. The creator is forfeiting ALL rights to their work.


BoomBox INC. is not liable for any copyright claims, loss of revenue, legal action or copyright infringement that may arise from the use of our platform. By using BoomBox Market the user consents that they possess all necessary copyrights and licenses of the music that is being sold. Any failure to comply with the standard copyright laws of your jurisdiction may result in prosecution under the law.

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